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Someone left a bunch of these letter tiles on our art table. This should be interesting. I’ve already improved what someone started. Maybe they’ll bring me tacos. I want tacos.

It never ceases to amaze me walking around this place of what are supposed to be responsible professionals to see the amount of lazy, uncaring behavior that some think is acceptable. Now, I know I have a degree in not giving a shit, but I at least feel a level of acceptability when such things are justified. But there are levels of uncaring that I just simply cannot, as an adult, reach without feeling shame.

This was beyond the spills of coffee all over the machine, paper towels on the floor and the other countless random slovenly behavior. I walked into the kitchen a few moments ago and found the refrigerator door wide open. Someone had shoved a couple racks of soda onto the shelf the long way so the door wouldn’t close. Now, I would think a normal person would have realized that this wasn’t going to work and found a better solution. But, clearly this person just said “fuck it” and walked off. Thinking it was acceptable to leave a refrigerator door wide open all night. A refrigerator containing food that other people purchased with their hard earned paycheck left to rot. Not just that, but others’ medications. You know, like maybe Insulin? But fuck it, right?

So, I took the entire one minute on my knees to simply clear the side and rotate the boxes that was clearly way too much for some jackass to do. Why? Because I, as a grown up, and not even all that good of one, couldn’t just let it remain this way. Maybe I’m expecting too much thinking that grown ass adults can act like grown ass adults. It really is amazing sometimes.



deconile replied to your post: “i cant have solid foods today so im only eating lime jello and…”:

Duh’eff is chicken water?

chicken broth :3


You know your brain has melted into a pile of goo when you start accidentally inserting random swear words into work emails. “I fixed the code breaks…” and “I fucked the code breaks…” have two very different meanings.

Sitting down at a lunch for one. Always feel a little awkward about sitting across from an empty chair when I’m surrounded by others involved in friendly conversation. I suppose I could engage with the chair in some witty banter, but perhaps that will turn a single awkward situation into one involving a larger group that didn’t sign up to sit next to the crazy person.

I could, and usually do, take it back to my desk, but I just can’t today. While the appeal of eating with a flimsy plastic while watching safe for work videos on YouTube is strong, I need to get out of that place every once in a while before my brain finally fractures and explodes into a fiery ball of rage and daily frustration.

So, here I sit, alone with my phone while emptying a bottle of plum sauce and trying to flag down someone to bring me ice for the can of soda they just dropped off as if I’m supposed to drink it from a can. All to pay more than the food is really worth to me.

Then it’s back to my desk to drown out the cackling of my coworkers with music, lose my mind in tedious, boring updates all because someone that doesn’t have to do it decided that we have to do it, and hope that I can make it the rest of the day without someone whining to me about nothing. Perhaps I pick up snacks on my way back.

Shut up, chair, I wasn’t taking to you.

Even though I stayed home to avoid all the Seahawks opening day mass fuckery likely happening all around my office right now it’s still important to keep the work face on. Now if I could motivate enough to actually work.

That’s up there with “Cover of Van Halen’s Eruption” when they still haven’t learned how to properly hold the guitar pick yet

Do-it-youself repairs (along with other how-to’s) also fall into this. Basically, if within the first three minutes they say “this is my first time” or it is obvious they don’t know what they’re doing, you’ve been conned. It is not a “how-to” video, it’s a “some guy just calling it a how-to video and pretending to know what they’re doing and passing it off as credible advice on YouTube” video. Save yourself the time and find a new one. Remember, YouTube is like Wikipedia except for any idiot with a video camera.

You guys that put game “walkthrough” videos on YouTube, if this is clearly the first time you’ve played and you have no idea what you’re doing, then it is not, technically and/or at all, a walkthrough. You should instead label your videos, for clarity, “Playing [ThisGame] like an idiot for half an hour”.

Hey, you. You’re awesome.

…or, I don’t know, maybe grab some of those paper towels right there and clean it up yourself, lazy slob.

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